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A noisy chorus heralds the arrival of water in Dock Lake

Apr 24, 2017
Dock Lake Water begins to flow into
Dock Lake

Since the late 1990s Dock Lake near Horsham has been a silent, dry, grassy paddock.

But after a wet winter and a wet start to spring, a noisy chorus of frogs and waterbirds are heralding the arrival of water at this 215 hectare wetland downstream of Green Lake.

Wimmera CMA chief executive Dave Brennan said with Lake Wartook, Taylor’s Lake and Green Lake all full, water was being diverted into Dock Lake to prevent floodwaters inundating farm land.

He said it was only a small trickle and he didn’t envisage the lake filling. Wetland birds, frogs, insects and vegetation would be the main beneficiaries of this bonus water.

“We are already seeing environmental benefits and will be monitoring the changes the water will bring,” he said. “If there is additional spring rain we will see more water go into the lake but for now there’s just a small amount.”

Last year Wimmera CMA undertook a study into Dock Lake which looked at its history and the environment. The study identified it as having a high environmental value wetland for native vegetation and waterbirds when it contains water.

Local resident Russell Peucker said Dock Lake used to provide valuable bird habitat and was considered one of the best wetlands and bird sanctuaries in the Wimmera.

Historically, Dock Lake was a natural wetland that would fill and dry based on natural inflows before it became part of the Wimmera Mallee headworks system. With water storage changes as a result of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline, Dock Lake was removed from the headworks system in 2010.