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Trees of the Wimmera - April Winner

May 12, 2017
Favourite Hollow or Dead TreeThe "Favourite hollow or dead tree"
Neil Kerber, Netherby

Favourite Hollow or Dead TreeThe tree was "Ring Barked"

This entry is from Neil Kerber of Netherby and is for the favorite hollow or dead tree.

This tree is a very tall box tree on Neil's property at Netherby.

It is believed to have been dead for over 80 years, possibly even longer as much as 100 years as it has been clearly ring-barked with the use of an axe at the time when the farming land was being cleared and the district being settled.

Neil is unsure when this would have occurred, maybe at the turn of the previous century or later in the 1930's. Being on the fence line the tree was never brought down and has stood as a testament to the men of pioneering days and the hard work that took place when the country was opened up for farming.

Neil has had numerous people mention to him to never remove this tree, not that he would, as it makes a dramatic statement against the Wimmera sky and has been photographed with many sunsets. It is also home to several pairs of galahs which nest in it's hollows each spring.

Neil can remember this tree from childhood over 50 years ago and it has changed very little in that time with only a few small branches succumbing to time and breaking off.

Every time he drives to town he pass this tree and admires it for the stark beauty it provides.

Thanks for sharing this Neil.

Trees of the Wimmera for June

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