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Trees of the Wimmera - March Winner

Jun 04, 2017
Best Paddock TreeThe "Best Paddock Tree" - Wal Meyer’s Grey Box
(Eucalyptus largiflorens), Myram South.

Wal Meyer’s Grey Box (Eucalyptus largiflorens) is the March winner of the Trees of the Wimmera Competition.

Wal is from Myram South - 10km’s east of Kaniva and he said “it’s a beaut example of an old Grey Box” that always had a mushroom shape making an excellent shade tree for the sheep in summer.

Grey Box or “Swamp Gum” are generally found on heavy clay soils in areas subject to periodic flooding and often define the margins of dry lakes and prior streams - they are quite common on the flood plain of the Wimmera River.

They tolerate dryer conditions than the River Red Gum and are extremely tolerant of heavy, poorly drained and alkaline soils but regular flooding is required to sustain healthy growth.

They generally grow to 10-20m high with a large spreading crown and drooping branches.

A short trunk with dark grey bark that is fibrous over most of the tree.

The Aboriginal population used the bark to build shelters and the roots were used to make boomerangs.

Grey Box have been used extensively in the Wimmera for fence posts sheds and firewood. It is red in colour and a hard, long lasting durable timber.

Flowering September-February and rich in nectar and pollen, they are a valuable food source for native birds, insects, honey production and other wildlife.

They make useful windbreaks, shelterbelts, shade and ornamental plantings.

Trees of the Wimmera for April

This month’s competition is for your “Favourite Hollow or Dead Tree”. 

The cut off for entries will be Friday 5th May. Click here to see all categories. 

You can join and upload entries to the Trees of the Wimmera Facebook group or post or email them to any of the following Regional Landcare Facilitators:

Project Platypus
Bronwyn Bant 

Kowree Farm Tree Group
Lisa Oliver 

Ray Zippel
or delivered or posted to:
Wimmera CMA
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