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Trees of the Wimmera - May Winner

Jun 04, 2017
Best Climbing TreeThe "Best Climbing Tree"
Bec Fletcher, found in Horsham

Trees of the Wimmera May winning entry comes from Bec Fletcher- commonly known as “the bike jump tree” near the Holy Trinity Lutheran School in Horsham.

This tree is a River Red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis)

Each new school year and each new intake of foundation students brings a new group of fans of this terrific twisted old tree. The well-worn tracks across the base of the tree have formed as students on their bikes each morning take on the jump and add a thrill to start their school day.  For many youngsters it’s a highlight of the ride to school.  After school finishes students can often be see hanging in and around its branches for a final play before heading home. 

The tree is a reminder of the school’s close proximity to the Wimmera River, where many other River Red Gums grow and provide play spaces for fish, birds and lizard- all that remains of the old flood plain

A great photo.  Thanks for sharing Bec.

Trees of the Wimmera for June

This month’s competition is for your “Autumn Leaves” and does not need to be an indigenous tree. 

The cut off for entries will be Tuesday 23rd of June. Click here to see all categories. 

You can join and upload entries to the Trees of the Wimmera Facebook group or post or email them to any of the following Regional Landcare Facilitators:

Project Platypus
Bronwyn Bant 

Kowree Farm Tree Group
Lisa Oliver 

Ray Zippel
or delivered or posted to:
Wimmera CMA
24 Darlot Street