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Wimmera drought program a win-win

Mar 31, 2018
Drought Employment Program

Wimmera CMA’s drought employment program was a win-win for farmers, the environment and the community. 

The program, which ran from December 2015 until mid-2017, employed and trained more than 30 people impacted by drought. Employee backgrounds ranged from farmers to contractors, agriculture business owners and agriculture sector employees. Participants ranged in age from their early twenties through to their late sixties.

The flexibility of the program, which allowed people to work flexible hours so they could go back to their farms and businesses, or study, as needed.

The employment aspect of the program provided participants with a steady income during a difficult and emotional time. The social outcomes were broad and participants said it gave them an increase in motivation, a reduced sense of hopelessness, a reduction in emotional and financial stress and a sense of achievement and participation.

The program also provided them with the opportunity to discuss the impacts of the drought with other people in similar positions. They said working in a team environment increased their social skills and the friendships formed as part of the program would be something that would last long after the program had finished.

One participant said: “It was good to work with other people for a change, after working mostly by myself for the last 20 years.”

The program was well supported by local communities with crews working with more than 15 community groups. The program formed partnerships with Landcare groups, Local Government and individuals, and supported local economies in towns where they completed work. 

“It means so much to us to have these crew members do all this work, and we would never have been able to take on such major projects ourselves. We are extremely grateful for everything they have done, not only at the cemeteries but with all the other community projects they’ve been working on,” Sue Holland, Kaniva Cemetery Trust. 

Hear what others had to say about the program in our short film: A Lasting Impression, Wimmera Drought Program