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Fun with Chris Humfrey at the Horsham Fishing Competition 2018

Aug 31, 2018
What a great weekend!  Fishing, Chris Humfrey and even though it was pretty warm, the crowds were out and thankfully plenty of shade beside the Wimmera River!
Here are a few photos of from the event
Horsham Fishing Comp 2018Beautiful day for the Horsham Fishing
Competition on the Wimmera River
Chris Humfrey at Horsham Fishing CompMaddie Talbot, Teleisha Sheills,
Chris Humfrey,
Jayke Greig and Brayden Sheills
Chris Humfrey presentingChris Humfrey showing off his Fruit Bat
Chris Humfrey presentingA great crowd came to see Chris Humfrey's
main show at the Horsham Soundshell
Chris Humfrey event KangarooDavid with daughters Beverly and
Daniella Parkin Alamo
checking out Chris' Kangaroo
Native Cat FishCatfish caught during
the Horsham Fishing Comp
Chris Humfrey with KoalaChris Humfrey and his Koala with
Beverly and Daniella Parkin Alamo
Native Fish TankNative Fish display tank
at the Horsham Fishing Comp
Chris Humfrey and Harry RobertsonChris Humfrey and Harry Robertson
with Shingleback Lizard and
Tawny Frogmouth Owl
Bruce McInnes with CarpBruce McInnes (NFA Wimmera) with carp
caught at the Horsham Fishing Comp.
We're glad that's no longer in the river!
Check out this video of Chris Humfrey at Mardon Drive captured by The Weekly Advertiser.

Horsham Fishing Comp Prizes

That's right the Horsham Fishing Competition is on again this year on March 11 and Chris Humfrey will be back too!

Come along and join in the fishing, there are some great prizes including:
Wimmera CMA's sponsored Heaviest Carp Bag - $1000!
Get your registrations in before it's too late!
Or just come for the fun and serenity.

And don't miss out on seeing Chris Humfrey and the Wild Action Zoo!
Wimmera Landcare and Wimmera CMA are bringing Chris Humfrey and the Wild Action Zoo to the Horsham Fishing Comp for some great fun and education for the young and old!

We hope to see you there!

Horsham Fishing Comp