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VEWH Seasonal Watering Plan 2018-19

Nov 30, 2018


Each year, the Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH) draws on a wealth of local and scientific knowledge, including Traditional Owners, the local community, government agencies and scientists to make informed decisions that will deliver water for the environment as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Knowledge about water flows for the environment is continually built upon each year through monitoring and community engagement programs, which complement research such as the Victorian Environmental Flows Monitoring and Assessment Program (VEFMAP) and the Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment Program (WetMAP).

These projects continue to strengthen and improve the environmental watering program and ensure watering is built on the best available science and community input.

Variable rainfall and run-off conditions in a changing climate have highlighted the ongoing importance of being flexible in our water delivery and planning each year for all scenarios, from drought through to very wet.

Despite it being a very dry year in 2017–18, the VEWH and other environmental water holders held large allocations of water for the environment following the previous wet year.

These allocations were used to deliver large flows to selected sites. This consolidated the positive environmental outcomes that were triggered by natural floods in 2016.

For the 2018–19 watering year, most Victorian catchment systems still have good volumes of water for the environment available. This provides waterway managers with the opportunity to build on the gains made in the previous two years and increase resilience in the ecosystem so that plants and animals can withstand future dry years.

If this year continues to be dry and inflows to storages low, then in some systems water carried over from last year will be critical to deliver outcomes in 2018–19, and water use may be more conservative to ensure we can provide minimum flows in the years ahead.

Read the full Victorian Environmental Water Holder – Seasonal Watering Plan 2018-19 to see the condition of the full States’ catchments.

Or for the Wimmera catchment find it in Section 4: Western Region