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Webinars & online workshops from 2020

Dec 01, 2020

Dale Boyd-360x254Dale Boyd, soil moisture probe webinar
WebinarCompost-360x254WebNewsMaking & using compost on farm
JamesHardwick-360x254WebNewsDavid Hardwick, aluminium in soils
Through the Australian Government's National Landcare Program and the support of the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator, Wimmera CMA supports local farming and Landcare groups.


A big part of the work of these groups is done by getting together in the paddock and sharing information and establishing new connections.

Over the past few months when we haven't been able to take the farmers to the paddock, we've been helping our partners bring the paddock to them!


Webinars have been a terrific way to connect people in agriculture and Landcare and give them access to the latest information and ideas that they would normally seek out at a paddock event, field day or farming conference.

Webinar topics have ranged from making and using compost on your farm, to effective use of soil probes and weather stations and other management practices that improve the condition of soil, biodiversity and vegetation.

Building capacity

We are fortunate to work with such fantastic and passionate groups in our region, who are quick to tackle challenges and have built capacity to deliver information and activities through these online tools.

We look forward to things returning back to normal, but also look forward to continuing connecting Wimmera agriculture and Landcare via webinars and online workshops which provide great opportunities to ask questions and make connections with people from all around the world.

Watch webinars

Don't worry if you've missed out, you can catch up on these webinars online.