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Flourishing from flows

Nov 24, 2021

While a lot of focus during spring has been on rivers, creeks and streams – other parts of the Wimmera landscape are vying for attention. Mostly dotted in patches of remnant bushland, a dozen small wetlands are putting on a spectacular display in response to environmental watering bolstered by regular spring rain.

While most are on small public reserves where everyone can enjoy them, such as Carapunga near Watchem and Mutton Swamp near Rupanyup, a handful are on private land.

Brim farmer Peter Martin has a wetland nestled in a patch of remnant blackbox where an abundance of wildlife gather. This is particularly important when the nearby landscape is dry.

“We appreciate the regular environmental water that keeps things fresh and alive, and know the wildlife does too. Goannas, grass parrots, ducks, frogs – they all congregate to this area, especially when it’s dry elsewhere.”

Wetland Wonderland

The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline regularly supplies wetland water to slowly inundate and fill low-lying sections, resulting in bursts of life from plant species that enjoy the crystal-clear, fresh water the pipeline delivers.  

Aquatic fern-like milfoils grow in deeper sections and provide nesting material for resident grebes, while around the fringes rushes and sedges provide habitat for frogs to lay their eggs and for turtles to lurk.

Ducklings are a frequent sight, with the odd heron or darter sitting serenely on a branch. If you are lucky, a snipe or stilt might be patrolling the mudflats that grow abundant knotweeds and sneezeweeds. These are weeds in name only; they are characteristic of wetlands in this part of the region as they dry out in the warm weather.

Nearby blackbox trees also enjoy the water, with flowers and new growth encouraging the regular cacophony of woodland birds like Brown Treecreepers. 

Spring Flows

Natural flows in the Wimmera River and Mt William Creek during spring as well as water transfers along Burnt Creek means that environmental flows for these waterways won’t commence until the New Year.

Small flows for MacKenzie River will take place to maintain habitat for platypuses and native fish as well as enable aquatic plants to complete their flowering and seeding cycle.

Water has been supplied to the following wetlands: Ranch Billabong, Challambra Swamp, Carapugna, Sawpit Swamp, Mutton Swamp and Schultz/Koschitzke.  

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