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A Climate For Change: Wimmera Biodiversity Seminar

Aug 15, 2019

BiodiversitySeminar2018-360x253WebWimmera Biodiversity Seminar celebrates 22 years

The 22nd annual Wimmera Biodiversity Seminar will be held in Rupanyup on Thursday, 5th September.  This year the event will be held at the Rupanyup Community Centre and will include a day session, including a field trip and an evening session with dinner.

This year's theme A Climate For Change reflects the current social, environmental and climatic changes that we are seeing now more clearly than ever. Climate change is at the forefront of the politics around the world along with changing environmental practices, a shift in our thinking, and the role of our indigenous people and women in how we deal with this change.

‘Apart from seeing a change in our climate, we have also seen a marked change in the community attitude to the environment,’ explains organising committee member La Vergne Lehmann.
‘This year’s theme; A Climate For Change is an acknowledgement that maintaining biodiversity is a critical part of caring for our environment - one of the main reasons why so many of us choose to live in Wimmera.’
Our very definitions of ‘nature’, ‘natural’ and ‘wilderness’ are changing as Tim Low, a keynote speaker this year, will discuss. His book The New Nature explores how Australian animals have adapted to the changes that humans have made on the landscape. He challenges listeners to think about how we have created habitat that many species are benefitting from and how animals and plants have been benefitting from humans ever since Aboriginal people began burning the ‘wilderness’ to manage it.

Exciting speakers

This year’s event will feature an exciting range of speakers who will challenge the audience on change that is prevalent across the environmental sector. Speakers include: Paul Foreman speaking about grasslands in the Wimmera; Paul Downey, an environmental consultant; Paul Fennell and Nigel Binney from the Wimmera CMA and GWM Water; Ben Muir and Daniel Griffin from the Wimmera CMA and Barengi Gadjin Land Council; Ben Zeeman from Glenelg Hopkins CMA; Matt Rees from University of Melbourne; Deon Gilbert from Zoos Victoria and Tracey Dellbridge Gray a Homeward Bound participant.

Trust for Nature tour

As is the custom there will be a tour in the afternoon with a Trust For Nature covenanted property being the destination this year. The landholder and Trust for Nature will discuss the successes and failures of a patch of revegetation and explore old growth buloke woodland and black box swamp. A special feature this year will also be the launch of Steffen Schultz’s new Grampians flora book “A journey to Gariwerd colours”.
Biodiversity seminar participants will receive a handcrafted mug made by local potter Wendy McInnes. Myoporum parvifolium plants will also be given away to encourage planting of natives that bring local threatened species into our gardens.

‘We know that a good number of the biodiversity seminar participants have been to several, if not many, of the previous events and as usual we look forward to catching up with them.’ says organising committee member from DELWP, Pauline Rudolph, ‘And of course this year we have continued our tradition of having a fantastic line up of speakers.’


The Wimmera Biodiversity Seminar is supported this year by the Wimmera CMA, DELWP, Trust for Nature, Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water, Yarrilinks Landcare Network and the Grampians Central West Waste & Resource Recovery Group.


Tickets are $99 for the day and evening and $65 for the day only and $50 for the evening only. Tickets are available online HERE