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Wimmera CMA

Street Address:
24 Darlot Street, Horsham, 3400
(enter via Gleed St)

Postal Address:
PO Box 479, Horsham, VIC, 3402
Phone: (03) 5382 1544
Fax: (03) 5382 6076
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 5:00pm
(excluding Public Holidays and Christmas - New Year Closure.  Office may also be closed for short periods Monday mornings)

Wimmera CMA's Vision

Wimmera CMA’s Vision is for ‘a healthy Wimmera catchment where a resilient landscape supports a sustainable and profitable community.’

 Lake MoinalwarLake Moinalwar

Wimmera Regional Catchment Strategy

The Wimmera Regional Catchment Strategy (Wimmera RCS) is the overarching strategic framework for natural resource management (NRM). It builds on and acknowledges the visionary leadership, community ownership, and on-ground outcomes. It defines the future objectives and priority management actions applicable to all NRM practitioners, including community groups, individuals, government, and non-government organisations.

Presentation of the strategy has been divided into two sections:

  • Local government natural assets — natural assets that lie within the context of local government boundaries. This recognises the importance of community ownership, participation, and management.
  • Natural assets — these assets have been identified under five thematic classes, including:
    • Rivers and streams
    • Wetlands
    • Native vegetation
    • Threatened plants and animals
    • Soils.

A section on fire management, emerging opportunities, and challenges for NRM in the region has also been included. While these are not a requirement under the state guidelines, they are issues that the community raised as being fundamental to the future management of NRM in the region.

The Wimmera RCS links and integrates with other strategic documents that influence NRM across the catchment. Overwhelming support and feedback was received from the community during the development of this strategy.

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Wimmera CMA’s Corporate Plan

Wimmera CMA’s Corporate Plan outlines business objectives, main business undertakings, scope and nature of activities, and performance indicators for the ensuing period. The plan also outlines major business risks and strategies including any planned organisational changes. 
 Wimmera CMA Corporate Plan 2021-26

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Wimmera CMA’s Annual Report

Wimmera CMA’s Annual Report provides details on the operations of the Authority over the previous 12-month period and includes an account on the current condition of the catchment. 
 Wimmera CMA Annual Report 2020-2021

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