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24 Darlot Street, Horsham, 3400
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News Archive

May 06, 2021

Board reappoints David Brennan

The Wimmera Catchment Management Authority board has reappointed David Brennan as chief executive officer.

Apr 16, 2021

PB & J Breakfast Discussions

Meeting was held at Wartook on Wednesday April 21 for breakfast with platypus researcher Josh Griffiths to help develop a platypus rescue plan

Mar 31, 2021

You are invited to contribute to land, water and environment plan

The draft Wimmera Regional Catchment Strategy 2021-2027 is open for public comment

Feb 12, 2021

Environmental water releases ramped up to improve water quality

With support from the Victorian Environmental Water Holder and GWMWater, the CMA is releasing water for the environment from Taylors Lake into the Wimmera River to freshen it up.

Dec 16, 2020

Water for the Environment update 2020 Summer

The Wimmera's summer Water for the Environment update takes a look at the summer floods of 2010-2011, what we've learnt and how we're managing limited water availability as we experience dry conditions in 2020.

Dec 01, 2020

Crops, trends, transects

Wimmera CMA is working with Agriculture Victoria to collate the latest crop transect data for the region, as part of a 24-year project capturing land management trends.

Dec 01, 2020

Webinars & online workshops from 2020

Our partner groups are building their capacity to deliver information via online tools such as webinars and online workshops.

Nov 05, 2020

Water for the Environment update 2020 Spring

The Water for the Environment spring update gives an overview of work the CMA has completed in partnership with the community and others to keep Wimmera waterways healthy in preparation of the long hot summer ahead.

Oct 27, 2020

Langlands river project complete

Releasing water into an anabranch near Horsham weir completes a new walking track that loops around the Wimmera River between the Anzac Bridge and the weir.

Aug 12, 2020

Water for the Environment update 2020 Winter

Wimmera CMA has released a new animation 'Mallee the Mighty Mussel' for the winter update. This short film highlights the important function the humble freshwater mussel plays in keeping the Wimmera River healthy.

Jun 29, 2020

Protecting Wimmera malleefowl

Wimmera monitoring of the iconic malleefowl has been going for around 20 years and this year has revealed some pretty exciting results.

Jun 24, 2020

'Look to the Skies' results

This year the community 'looked to the skies' as an alternative to the annual cocky count and the results are in.

May 20, 2020

Break arrives early for lower Wimmera River

The autumn break has brought good rainfall across the Wimmera and we are hopeful that it will continue and provide natural flows to all our waterways. Our latest Water for the Environment update is out now.

May 20, 2020

Water for the Environment update 2020 Autumn

Catching up with new Jeparit residents and field naturalists Clive and Fay Gordes

May 20, 2020

Dunmunkle Creek action plan put into action

The final Waterway Action Plan for Dunmunkle Creek has been released.

Apr 03, 2020

Wimmera flood research project underway

We are researching the community’s response to flooding risks and mitigation for your properties. Surveys arriving in your letterboxes this week will take about five minutes to complete.

Mar 11, 2020

Film: catch a carp

Watch carp catching tips with carp champion Chris Denton, and bag yourself some great prizes at your next fishing comp while helping your local waterways be healthier!

Feb 17, 2020

Wetland report gives insight

Wimmera wetland report for Natimuk Lake, Lake Wallace and St Mary's Lake.

Dec 11, 2019

Water for the Environment update 2019 Summer

The Ranch billabong at Dimboola features in the latest Water for the Environment update .

Nov 06, 2019

Water for the Environment Update 2019 Spring

We take a look back over the past decade for the Wimmera River which was in a highly stressed condition 10 years ago but is thankfully vastly improved today.

Oct 16, 2019

Meet Candles and Kevin

Meet our new platypus, Candles and Kevin, and learn how you can help us look after this fragile population.

Sep 18, 2019

Spring surveys inspire hope for fragile population

The Wimmera has become attached to platypus, and we are calling for name suggestions for two captured in spring surveys.

Aug 13, 2019

Natural river flows expected to reach Lake Hindmarsh

Natural flows in the Wimmera River from last weekend’s rain are expected to reach Lake Hindmarsh, providing fresh water into the lake for the first time since 2016.

Aug 08, 2019

Water for the Environment Update 2019 Winter

Our Winter Update for Water for the Environment is out now

Jun 24, 2019

Endangered South Eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoos in good hands

The South Eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo recovery partnership project is in good hands. Here is the latest update from the Wimmera.

Jun 04, 2019

Meet HOPE: new Wimmera platypus

New female platypus found downstream of Dad and Dave Weir in the Wimmera, which the community has named Hope.

Mar 27, 2019

Environment flow to keep fish alive

We are releasing water for the environment into a section of the drying reach of the upper Mt William Creek between Lake Fyans and Lake Lonsdale to preserve small native fish.

Sep 20, 2017

A Flowing Fish Tale

Angling identity Rex Hunt is the voice of a new film touting the angling virtues of the Wimmera River