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Natural river flows expected to reach Lake Hindmarsh

Aug 13, 2019


Wimmera River flows800ML a day Horsham Weir

Natural flows in the Wimmera River from last weekend’s rain are expected to reach Lake Hindmarsh, providing fresh water into the lake for the first time since 2016.

On Tuesday afternoon (August 13) around 800 megalitres a day were passing through Horsham Weir. Wimmera CMA chief executive David Brennan says a similar amount was also passing through Glenorchy.

“We expect the flows coming from the upper catchment will continue at this rate for another five days or so and are confident they will reach the mouth of Lake Hindmarsh,” he said.

“The Wimmera River has been enjoying natural flows for about 10 days now, and we hope this latest boost will see the river flowing right through to the tail end of spring.”

Mr Brennan says current conditions are in significant contrast to last year, when for the first time on record there were no natural inflows into the upper Wimmera River at Glenorchy for the entire year.

He says the CMA stopped delivering environmental water at the end of June due to the natural flows providing waterways with a much needed recharge.

“This is fantastic for the entire Wimmera landscape, and benefits everything from the environment through to vegetation, animal life and our communities. We are primed for a great spring season from a waterway health perspective.”

* The latest Water for the Environment update is out now