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Water for the Environment update 2020 Spring

Nov 05, 2020
Langlands anabranch
Working for Victoria crews
Floating wetlands at Dimboola

Waterways for life

The Wimmera River is one of our region’s most popular places to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of a walk, run, ride or picnic along its edges. It’s also usually a hub of activity for community events, fishing competitions, park runs, rowing regattas and large family gatherings. 

During the changes we’ve adapted to in 2020, our focus has remained on taking care of Wimmera waterways – using a combination of environmental water releases and waterway works to keep them healthy and prepare for the hot summer ahead. We are feeling optimistic as we count down to the end of 2020 with hopes for a wetter year and the return of our all-important river-based events in 2021.

Wimmera River improvements

• Working for Victoria environmental and ag crews have completed waterway fencing and revegetation
• In partnership with council staff and community volunteers the new Langlands Track in Horsham has created an extra nature loop between Horsham Weir and Anzac Bridge
• Floating wetlands on the Wimmera River at Dimboola, the first project of its type in the region, are greatly reducing the wave energy that causes bank erosion. We installed the wetlands last December to help protect the banks and have since added an extra 800 native plants 

Late winter & spring rain

Winter started as one of the driest on record before above-average rainfall in August. Higher totals in early October delivered a brief but welcome pulse of water into many waterways. Although inflows into our storages are again well below historical averages, every little bit counts when it comes to environmental water releases, especially as we come into our hot and generally dry summers.

Spring Flows

Due to natural flows in October, our planned spring environmental flows to top up refuge pools and provide a water quality boost weren’t needed. We have been able to pause this delivery of environmental flows which will help us achieve additional periods of flow when the weather warms up. This means refuge pools will get a top up when needed and won’t dry out over coming months.

Wimmera River
No spring environmental flows

MacKenzie River, Laharum to Haven
Low flows
If conditions dry out low flows will start in:
• MacKenzie River between Wartook and Laharum
• Burnt Creek to Wonwondah 
• Mt William Creek to Dadswells Bridge