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Wetland Community

Monitoring Birds around Wetlands

Community Wetland Bird Monitoring for Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Wetlands 

The Wimmera’s wetlands support an incredible diversity and abundance of plants and animals, especially when they contain water. The local community possesses a profound appreciation and understanding of the values these wetlands hold and Wimmera CMA is keen to tap into this local knowledge. We are seeking to obtain information around birds using wetlands as habitat, especially those supplied with water for the environment by the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline. It will bolster our understanding of the benefits water for the environment provides for these wetlands and improve the way they are managed.

If you are interested in participating, local bird expert Jonathan Starks has developed a brief guide to monitoring wetland birds.
There are a couple options to document your monitoring: 
  • you can also complete your monitoring form online.  The online form has a space to upload photos or video too. 
  • or you can download and complete the monitoring form.  If you prefer this method, you can still upload media files in the form below.
There is also a template Job Safety Analysis to enable safety aspects to be considered.

Details regarding the wetlands supplied by the Wimmera Mallee pipeline on public land in the Wimmera CMA region are here – where they are and if they contain water. But feel free to use this approach to monitor wetlands on public land elsewhere in the region!

Please contact Greg Fletcher on 5382 9915 or by email to find out more and register your interest. We’ll send you a free copy of The Glovebox Guide to Wimmera Wetland Birds to get you started.

Thanks for your help and happy bird monitoring!