Vineyard snails, or common white snails are a serious pest in parts of the Wimmera, due to their ability to contaminate grain and clog or damage harvest machinery.

In this 4-part podcast series, Dr Michael Nash delves into the basics of managing snails on your farm: their ecology, cultural treatments and baiting are all covered.

1. Snail ecology basics

In episode one, Dr Michael Nash provides us with the basics around snail ecology. We learn about their defining features, breeding and movement triggers, preferred habitat, and how the white or vineyard snail, introduced from the Mediterranean region, has adapted to survive in the Wimmera.

2. Snail management tools

In episode two, Dr Michael Nash explains how snail management requires the integrated use of several management tools.

3. Snail baiting

In episode three, we learn from Dr Michael Nash about the types of baits available, the importance of monitoring snails, and the timing of bait applications.

4. Snail bait features and optimised use

In episode four, Dr Michael Nash shares with us the features of a good bait, as well as how to optimise bait encounter through even spreading.

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