Carp harvesting Lake Lonsdale Green Hole

Wimmera carp-harvesting will continue this month, with professional fishing contractors turning their attention from Lake Toolondo south of Horsham to the Lake Lonsdale Green Hole near Stawell.

In a collaboration involving Wimmera CMA and GWMWater, contractor K. and C. Fisheries will net fish from Lake Lonsdale into Green Hole via controlled outlet flows.

The contractors will also attempt to remove any carp and ‘goldfish’ that have become established in the Green Hole pond via electro-fishing. They will return any non-target fish such as redfin, trout or native species to the water.

The project is designed to prevent undesirable pest fish from proliferating in Mt William Creek, a tributary of the Wimmera River.

Extensive 2022 spring floods in Wimmera waterways have provided ideal fish-breeding conditions for both targeted and pest fish, and unfortunately carp have increased their distribution, pushing into new areas. Authorities are identifying opportunities to slow the spread where possible.

Lake Lonsdale outlet and Green Hole picnic area will be closed to the public from November 7 to 16 November during the fish removal program

Image: Lake Lonsdale outlet.

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