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Landcare in our community

The Wimmera has a diversity of landscapes and land uses, and an enthusiastic volunteer community.  Wimmera CMA wants to help volunteers and landholders undertake actions that improve the condition of our environment and the sustainability of farming practices, drawing on local knowledge and expertise.  Landcare is a long-running community-based movement that facilitates and coordinates collective actions such as invasive plant and animal control, revegetation, waterway monitoring, and improving farming practices on a local scale.

Project Platypus, Elmhurst PlantoutProject Platypus, Elmhurst Plantout

There are more than 60 community-based groups active in the Wimmera region, engaging with approximately 1,400 members and other volunteers.  Landcare groups cover about 80% of the region’s privately-owned land and are supported by a range of network structures.  These local groups are critical for the successful delivery of a range of Natural Resource Management (NRM) programs in the Wimmera.

As well as traditional Landcare groups, other environmental volunteering groups include ‘Friends of’ groups, Waterwatch groups, river improvement committees, field naturalist and bird observer groups.  Local farmer-led extension, peer learning and trial research groups also make a significant contribution to soil health, biodiversity conservation and waterway protection.

Many individual landholders choose to champion local Landcare principles and practices on their properties outside of formalised group structures.  Wimmera CMA Landcare group support is designed to be inclusive and targeted, tailored for specific circumstances or interests and extending opportunities for participation in cross-property planning and activity as widely as possible while also strengthening opportunities to empower groups/networks.

Landcare was formally launched in Victoria in 1986.

Australian Government-funded Regional Landcare Facilitators

Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator positions are supported by the Australian Government in each of Australia’s 56 NRM regions as a resource for farmers and groups.  Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators have information and local experience in the adoption of sustainable farm and land management practices.  They build partnerships and assist community capacity building activities in response to community need.  Contact details for the Wimmera-based Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator and positions in other regions across Victoria can be found here.

How do I get involved with Landcare or other environmental volunteering opportunities?

It is easy to become involved in Wimmera Landcare activities. As well as the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator position, there are also facilitators funded through the Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program across our region.  These facilitators can help connect you to suitable environmental volunteering opportunities and groups.  Contact details for all facilitators and examples of local groups can be found on the Victorian Landcare Gateway.

Community Landcare plant out events

Every year groups in our region hosts plant out events. These family-friendly events are a fantastic opportunity to get your hands dirty, enjoy great food and great company, and make a difference to the environment.  Each Wimmera plant out event showcases a unique mix of participants and landscapes.  Many city-based volunteers and volunteers from diverse cultural backgrounds have been welcomed over the years.  The Project Hindmarsh planting weekend is Australia’s longest running Landcare event of its kind.  Project Platypus Landcare Network is another group that hosts numerous plantouts each year.

What are the Victorian Landcare Grants

Each year, the Victorian Government provides Victorian Landcare Grants, administered through CMAs, to support local Landcare and environmental volunteer groups and networks undertaking on-ground works, education and capacity building projects to protect, enhance and restore our land and natural environment.

The objectives of the Victorian Landcare Grants are:

  • to fund projects that address local, regional and state land and environment priorities through delivery of:
    • on-ground works
    • capacity building activities
    • community education and engagement
  • To sustain Landcare and other environmental volunteer groups and networks by providing support grants, particularly for groups whose continuing existence will benefit from this support.

The 2021 Victoria Landcare Grants is currently open to receive applications.

- Application Form

2021 Victorian Smartygrants online application form Grants - FAQs

- Guidelines

2021 Victorian Landcare Grants - Guidelines [Wimmera] (PDF)
2021 Victorian Landcare Grants - Guidelines [Wimmera] (Word)

- Frequently Asked Questions

2021 Victorian Landcare Grants - FAQs

- Contact

For more information, contact Joel Boyd or 03 5382 9919.

River Detectives and Waterwatch

River Detectives is an exciting education initiative of CMAs inspiring teachers and students to understand, appreciate and care for their local waterway through engaging, cross-curricular, citizen-science activities.

River Detectives is a free, flexible and fun way to connect young people to nature through monthly water quality testing.  Students learn how water, land, plants, animals, people and communities are all integrally linked and schools are provided with equipment, training and teaching resources.

Schools and youth community groups can apply to participate in the River Detectives program but spaces are limited.  An ‘Apply Now’ button will be visible above when applications are open for the next school year.

To find out more visit