Paul Fennell Memorial

It is with a heavy heart that we say farewell to a great man.
Paul has created such a positive and enduring legacy through his incredible dedication and abilities.

Whether it was in a social, community or professional setting, Paul’s kind and generous disposition and focus on bringing out the best has made a profound impact for so many people.
There are so many great memories that people have of Paul and it would be appreciated if you can share them below.

We will greatly miss a wonderful colleague and friend

In lieu of flowers, the Fennell family have asked instead to please consider making a donation to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to help them continue their vital work – so others don’t have to go through the same thing.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a message in memory of Paul

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Linda Nemetn | Apr 21, 2022So sad to hear of Paul’s passing.  Sincerest condolences to his famiy and CMA family at this sad time.  
Linda Nemeth

Craig Mutton | Apr 08, 2022I had the privilege of working, plotting and planning with Paul over many years through his involvement the Victorian Regional Water Monitoring Partnerships.Paul contributed so much to the formation and strategic direction of partnerships and his perspective was always very much valued and appreciated by those he worked with.He had such a willingness to collaborate and help us all solve the problems of the monitoring world.. I guarantee all the people within the partnership will truly truly miss him.

Dean Robertson | Apr 08, 2022I’ll always remember Paul as being good natured and happy to help. I’ve always been happy to see Paul on the other side of the table when talking about projects because you could count on him to help reach well thought-out solution. My condolences on this loss to family and friends.

Melissa Pouliot | Apr 08, 2022For the past 19 years Paul would always say to me ‘you will know the best words’ – and yes, when it came to writing about all the amazing work he achieved through his flood planning role at the CMA, I never had any trouble helping him come up with the words to make terms like one-in-100-year floods make sense to the community. Now that he is gone, I am finding it difficult to find the best words for Paul. He absolutely loved his work and had the incredible mix of being extremely particular and serious about everything he did, while having the most endearing sense of humour and fun. Every single conversation included an enquiry after my family and an update on his family – Kellie, Tate and Mackenzie, you are the loves of his life. I will miss him, a true gentleman with qualities we should all strive for – to do what you love and love what you do.

Greg Fletcher | Apr 08, 2022It has been an incredible honour and privilege to be friend and colleague of Paul for over 16 years. Having shared a workspace for most of that time, I will always look back with immense fondness on our many interesting and often humorous conversations ranging from solving the world’s problems (in the world of catchment management) through to obscure 80’s sitcoms. He was a wonderful person – a strategic thinker, respected operator and all round nice guy who always did his best and demonstrated great integrity. The region and its environment is all the better due to his smarts and hard work. He was a valued mentor and advisor to myself and so many others in the industry. most of whom are out there achieving great things in part due to his profound influence. Of that his family should be forever proud of him. I will miss our banter and his support going forward but I am grateful that I, like many others, were able to share ideas, friendship and laughter with him. 

Kate Ward | Apr 07, 2022Some people are a shining light, but Paul was a beacon in this world. He left an impression on the lives of everyone he met.Glass half full!  Here’s to you Paul.Forever remembered.

Karen Douglas | Apr 07, 2022My sincere condolences and thoughts go to Paul’s family.  Over my time as Board member and Chair of the Wimmera CMA I loved hthe enthusiasm and dedication that he approached each complex challenge.  I very much appreciated the extra time he took to ensure that I and the Board was always kept well informed. He extended to me respect and courtesy at all times and he was a very valued member of the CMA and the water industry in particular.  Karen Douglas

Joel Hastings, Nic Carey, Kirsten Miller, Steph Harder, Shirley Brown | Apr 07, 2022Paul will be sadly missed, he made a significant contribution to planning across the region. He supported many of us in Local Government providing flood advice and undertaking flood studies that have made our communities safer and shaped the form of our towns and places. But most importantly was his friendly and passionate manner, always happy to work through issues with a sense of humour and open mind. Our condolences to Paul’s family and friends.  From the planning and building team at Horsham Rural City Council.

Trent Wallis | Apr 07, 2022So sorry to hear of Paul’s passing – was such an unexpected shock. I first met Paul when I worked at the Mallee CMA in the early 2000’s, after he had just switched to a career in catchment management.  We often met along the Yarriambiack Creek to work through environmental water and floodplain issues common to the two CMAs. I have often caught up with Paul in the years since, including his time supporting DELWP, and at a particularly fun Riversymposium in Perth. More recently I got the opportunity to work closely with him on a floodplain project, where his support and keen interest of the issues were always on show. Paul’s enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the environment was always evident, as well as his friendly, positive and collaborative approach.  He will be sadly missed. I send my sincerest condolences to Paul’s family and his colleagues at the Wimmera CMA.

Bryce Morden (formerly GHCMA) | Apr 06, 2022I am grateful for getting to know Paul over the past decade or more. His kindness and generosity extended well beyond what’s reasonable and was a trademark of his. I remember him meeting up with me at stupid-o’clock in the morning and -2deg so I could join in on a Horsham bunch ride while staying in town overnight (and this despite him not having ridden much for a good while). It would’ve been enough to just tell me where and when to find the bunch but he went the extra mile. For me, that willingness to go the extra mile, whether personal or professional is something that really blessed me. Lots of love to Kellie, Mackenzie and Tate along with condolences to his friends and colleagues at the “PFCMA”

Hugh Christie | Apr 06, 2022My time working with Paul at the Wimmera CMA was one of the highlights my career. The pragmatic focus on getting outcomes and not the process, fueled by the walk to Cafe Jas most mornings, resulted in a collaborative approach that left a lasting impression on everyone he worked with. 

Kellie, Mackenzie and Tate can be incredibly proud of not just the legacy Paul left in the Wimmera for a healthier river and community, but also the respect and admiration he was held in by his peers and colleagues. 

Heather Drendel | Apr 06, 2022Sincere condolences to Paul’s family. Such a pleasure to have had the opportunity to have worked with Paul. RIP 

Geoff Taylor (Floodplain Manager Corangamite CMA) | Apr 06, 2022The Floodplain Statutory Functions Team at Corangamite CMA passes on its condolences to Paul’s immediate and extended family.  Paul’s enthusiasm in the Natural Resources Management sector was well recognised and very much respected.  He was always so upbeat and positive in everything he turned his attention to.  There was never a shortage of discussion and laughs while in Paul’s presence.  It was heartbreaking news to hear of Paul’s diagnosis and passing.  Paul will always be remembered among the Floodplain Managers fraternity across Victoria for his significant contribution.  We will miss you immensely Paul. From Geoff, Rachel, Michael, Penny, Alex, Simon and Hayley. 

Johanna Theilemann | Apr 06, 2022I had the pleasure of working alongside Paul as a fellow CMA floodie and as a client. We was such a selfless man with his time and support of his peers. I will be forever grateful for having worked with him. My heartfelt condolences to his family and all the staff at Wimmera CMA where he was held in such high regard. 

Rhonda Butcher | Apr 06, 2022I began my working relationship with the CMA in 1996 whilst undertaking research on wetlands in the region. It has been an enduring relationship that I value enormously, and a large part of that is due to Paul. I worked directly with Paul in his early days at the CMA and subsequently over a number years and a range of projects, and quite simply I can’t imagine the CMA without him. His professional contribution to the mangement of the Wimmera environments is significant, his knowledge extensive, and to say he will be missed is an understatement. Whilst his knowledge and professionalism was outstanding it was his personality that shone through and made you feel privileged to know and work with him. Everyone that knew Paul enjoyed his sense of humor and fun. I have many great memories of jokes, laughter and mischief whilst working with Paul. Put Paul and Fletch together, well need I say more…a great team in more ways than one!To loose Paul so young is so incredibly tragic, the loss to the CMA and environment immense, and for his family and friends immeasurable. I will always be grateful for having had the opportunity, and absolute pleasure, to know and work with Paul. To Paul’s family I hope you can take some small measure of solace and pride in his contributions to the environment. My very deepest condolences, he will be greatly missed.   

Kathryn Roosje | Apr 06, 2022Paul was a wonderful, kind-hearted colleague who was deeply knowledgeable and passionate about waterways and floodplain management. I worked with Paul between 2015-2018 and during that time we had both extreme dry and wet conditions. It was inspiring to see Paul come alive with excitement when the high flows were coming through the catchment. He bought such an energy to the workplace, and I remember him frequently talking about his family (including Tate’s exchange in Switzerland) – all of whom he was evidently very proud of. My deepest sympathy to you Kellie, Mackenzie and Tate, to your extended family and to his colleagues at Wimmera CMA, he will be fondly remembered and much missed.  

Jody Taberner | Apr 06, 2022My deepest sympathy to all Paul’s family. I was so saddened and shocked to hear this news. Paul was such a lovely, kind person. It was an absolute pleasure working with Paul. He was always so positive, enthusiastic and happy to share his vast knowledge with his collegues. I know he will be so greatly missed by all that knew him. My thoughts and prayers are with all that are hurting from this tragic loss.

Mark Toomey | Apr 06, 2022Paul was a special NRM practitioner because he combined expert knowledge and passionate enthusiasm that was founded on a life-long connection to the Wimmera.  He had a hand in many long-lasting outcomes in the region.In my first job in NRM working under Paul, he gave me leadership, care and support to set me up for future success.  On the weekends, he taught me how to ride.  I could ask nothing more from a manager and friend and I am forever grateful for the experience, opportunity and fond memories.Condolences to Kellie, Tate, Mackenzie and extended family.

Leon Metzeling | Apr 06, 2022I was shocked and greatly saddened to hear of Paul’s passing. I offer my condolences and sympathies to his family and his colleagues at the CMA. While at EPA, I worked on the health of the Wimmera River for many years and Paul was an invaluable source of information and support for our work. His love for the river and the region was obvious as was his passion for making things better. But more than this, he was a great person to work with – friendly, helpful, no-fuss and reliable. He will not be forgotten.

Andrew Barton | Apr 06, 2022My deepest sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues of Paul. I first met Paul in late 2007 and worked with him on various flood matters, monitoring and catchment activities over several years. Paul developed a very respected reputation for floodplain management in the Wimmera and beyond. He has left quite a legacy.He will be missed.   

Ben Hughes | Apr 06, 2022I worked with Paul across more projects than I can recall, we went to dozens of community meetings together all over the Wimmera and met with all parts of the community. Paul always worked with the utmost integrity and did his absolute best to find a solution to everyone’s problems. He managed to balance the needs of the environment and the people that live on and around it. I will always be thankful for the part he has played in my personal and professional life. He will be greatly missed. My condolences to Paul’s family and the Wimmera CMA.

Chloe Wiesenfeld | Apr 06, 2022I always looked forward to my visits to the Wimmera CMA office and a big part of that was Paul’s wonderful smile and the camraderie that he had with everyone around him. He always had a story and a kind word to share as well as great advice and enthusiasm for his family, his bike and the environment. Even though we worked on different things, he was always willing to share his insights and incredible knowledge of the catchment, all with a broad, friendly smile. 
He will be sadly missed by all, my condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

dt | Apr 06, 2022Paul was not only passionate about the environment and very smart, but a really fantastic person. He supported the projects we undertook in the Wimmera catchment and appreciated the insights they provided. Paul always wanted to hear about the science that was being undertaken, and how it would be useful to his needs. The catchment is a better place because of his efforts. He will be missed.

Jo Bourke | Apr 06, 2022Paul epitomised the culture of catchment management – science based decision making with an appreciation of community expectations. His work has laid solid foundations for the future management of our region – his legacy will be utilised by WCMA and Wimmera communities to manage a sustainable environment for our children. 
A much respected man who shared his passions well.

Patrick Monaghan | Apr 06, 2022Patrick Monaghan
Paul was a special person and very easy to have as a friend and colleague.
Condolences to all of his colleagues at Wimmera CMA and to his family.  

Deidre Andrews | Apr 06, 2022I only had the opportunity to work with Paul for 2 years at the CMA but they were a wonderful 2 years, spent with like-minded, enthusiastic, intelligent people; Paul being one of these. His hearty laugh and story-telling, particularly involving his bike riding antics, was a highlight and will remain in my memories. My condolences to Paul’s family and friends at the Wimmera CMA

Andrew Sharpe | Apr 06, 2022I met Paul early in my consulting career in 2003 and I remember him as the first client I had who wanted to look at a problem from a holistic perspective and was keen to address it in a different way.  I worked on various consulting projects with him over the following years and his influence was profound.  He wanted good and innovative outcomes and that made the work more rewarding and made it easier to strive harder to deliver something good.  I remember wishing that more of my clients were as interested and engaged as Paul.  I also enjoyed our extra curricular discussions about building his house in the community development and his cycling endeavours.  Our paths continued to cross when I moved to the VEWH, and it was always a pleasure to see Paul at a meeting in town or to see him when I ventured to Horsham.  Paul’s passion, energy, and effervescent presence were infectious and made work a bit more fun. Condolences to all of his colleagues at Wimmera CMA and to his family.    

Nigel Binney | Apr 06, 2022To Kellie, McKenzie and Tate, and extended family; my heartfelt sympathy. The loss is unfathomable, because such was his love for you.His smiles, laughter, and wisdom will endure in our minds and hearts.When we had the chance to speak, we shared stories of our kid’s lives. He was humble, but so proud of the achievements of his kids. We spoke about footy because his Doggies held a special place in his heart. Just a super human being who will be forever missed.

Warwick Bishop | Apr 06, 2022I worked with Paul on a number of flood studies and flood related work within the CMA area. He was always an extremely positive and collaborative person to deal with. Very professional and respectful of doing things properly, but at the same time easy to deal with, practical and of course happy to tell or listen to a funny story and see the bright side of things. I was lucky enough to do a few site visits around the catchments with Paul related to some planning scheme amendments for flood overlays. It was great to be out on the ground on the floodplain, near a river with him. That’s when you saw his genuine passion for waterways and the environment shine. Sharing his knowledge and showing his desire to do his best to protect the environment and the community. They were great times and memories with Paul, outside enjoying a shared love of the landscape and some laughs along the way. My sincere condolences to Paul’s family and workmates, we are all deeply saddened by his passing but also reflecting on his warm and generous personality and lasting positive impact. Something to be inspired by for the future.

Ben Hughes, Ben Tate and Warwick Bishop | Apr 06, 2022We have lost a good friend and a widely respected and admired floodplain manager. Thank you for looking after the rivers and floodplains of the Wimmera. Your stewardship and contribution to the region has made a huge difference to the community and environment. Your energy, passion and integrity will be missed. Our deepest sympathies to your family and friends. From your colleagues at Water Technology.

Wimmera CMA | Apr 05, 2022The Board and staff of the Wimmera CMA offer our sympathies to Kellie, Mackenzie, Tate and the extended Fennel family on the passing of our colleague and friend, Paul Fennel.A dedicated member member of our team for 19 years, Paul’s passion for the outdoors and people shone through, and his work leaves a legacy across the Wimmera and Victoria. Paul will be sadly missed by his CMA family.

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