Supported by Wimmera CMA through funding from the Australian Government National Landcare Program.

When you can’t get together in the paddock, the paddock comes to you! VicNoTill is pleased to present another webinar for farmers on making and using compost on your farm. We are once again joined by agroecologist David Hardwick who is joined by VicNoTill board member Tara Hindson. Tara and her family make their own compost for their livestock and cropping enterprise in the Wimmera’s west. They produce around 2500 tonnes of compost a year.

VicNoTill presents the Carbon Series webinars that focus on soil carbon and provide practical steps to help you increase soil organic matter in your farming system. Featuring three specialists in this regenerative, no-till farming system field, the Carbon Series is supported by Wimmera CMA through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Webinar 1

This is the first of two webinars with Jade Killoran from Healthy Farming Systems about whether multi-species work on real-life farms, are they economically viable, what paddock-scale changes are possible and how long do they take?

Webinar 2

Featuring Jade Killoran from Healthy Farming Systems and two leading Wimmera farmers, Tara Hindson from the West Wimmera and Zoe Crouch from Landsborough on the edge of the Wimmera and Pyrenees Ranges. Tara and Zoe share their experiences in integrating cover crops and multi-species pastures into their mixed farming systems. They talk about the benefits and the challenges, giving you a hands-on and honest insight into making changes to your system for build more carbon in your soils.

Welcome to the Wimmera CMA farming for soil health podcast series, where we chat to Wimmera farmers about the tactics they use to improve soil health.

1. Jodie Greene on farming in the upper catchment of the Wimmera River

Jodie Greene and her husband Ben focus on groundcover management and other tactics to improve soil health on their property in the upper catchment of the Wimmera River.

2. Tara Hindson on healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy stock and healthy people

Tara Hindson incorporates regenerative farming techniques, such as composting on their West Wimmera property.

3. Dallas Hobbs on cropping in the south west Wimmera

Dallas Hobbs and his family manage soil health to maximise productivity and profitability.

4. Steven Hobbs on tactics for farming in a changing climate

Steven Hobbs shares lessons from his farm business in the northern Wimmera.

5. Protect waterways on farm with Shane Bibby & Ian Rutherford

Protecting and enhancing waterways is good for farm business and the environment.

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