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Works On Waterway Permit Process

What is Works on Waterways?

Wimmera CMA has statutory responsibilities under the Water Act 1989 and 'By-law No.2 Waterway Protection 2014' to monitor, manage, enforce, and administer control over all works which may impact upon designated waterways throughout the Wimmera region to ensure works undertaken do not adversely affect the health of those waterways.

 Worksite Rock Chute - Tributary of Nowhere Creek - northeast of ElmhurstWaterway Worksite
Rock Chute on a tributary of Nowhere Creek,
North-East of Elmhurst

The approval process is designed to provide common sense and best-practice guidance to ensure works or activities have appropriately addressed hydraulic, physical, and environmental impacts on the health of our waterways.

When do you need approval?

All works and activities within the bed and banks of designated waterways in the Wimmera region require an approved Works on Waterways Permit from Wimmera CMA. A designated waterway is a waterway that has been listed within the Water Act 1989 as requiring this additional level of oversight to protect its environmental values.

How to apply for approval

Download a Works On Waterways Permit Application or request a paper copy direct from Wimmera CMA.
Complete the application form and submit to Wimmera CMA in person, by mail or email.

What does it cost?

Wimmera CMA does not currently charge a fee to go through the Works on Waterways Permit process.

Please Note:
All works on waterways are subject to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and must comply with the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007.

More information can be found at the Office of Aboriginal Affairs Victoria website, or find out more about Heritage Tools.

Need more information?

Landholders are sometimes concerned about the potential for flooding which may be caused by instream wood and vegetation in and around a waterway. A series of fact sheets available below include information for the community about managing vegetation and information about approvals that may be required in its management:

For more information about Works on Waterways permits you can email or phone (03) 5382 1544.

Designated Waterways Map

Find location and waterway details for your application on the map below