Soil moisture probe portal

Wimmera expands soil moisture probe network Go to data portal Dryland farmers, agronomists, plant breeders and emergency services are among those to benefit from an extra 72 soil moisture probes...

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Snail management podcast series

Join Dr Michael Nash in this podcast series discussing how vineyard snails, or common white snails are a serious pest in parts of the Wimmera, due to their ability to contaminate grain and clog or damage harvest machinery

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Maximising ecosystem opportunities to fit your business: carbon

What do resilient agricultural investments look like? As economies transition towards lower emissions, new carbon neutrality and emission-efficient technologies are presenting economic, environmental...

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Ground cover, soil erosion and nutrient loss

Dr Rob Norton presentation on ground cover, soil erosion and nutrient loss. In this presentation he looks at the importance of healthy and productive soils.

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Soil pH, nutrient availability and liming webinar series

Dr Rob Norton presents the first webinar on Soil pH, nutrient availability and liming. In this series of short slide presentations he discusses the meaning and importance of soil pH for healthy, productive soils.

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Analysing Soil Health with Artificial Intelligence

Wimmera CMA CEO Dave Brennan with PhD student Mohammad Rahman The Wimmera CMA is involved in a couple of Soil CRC research projects. They have been working with Dr Hanabeth Luke from Southern Cross...

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Water for the Environment: Autumn update

News spread fast in February when scientists from Ecology Australia discovered four juvenile platypuses - Georgia, Perry, Frankie and Russell – in the one night.

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Soil health podcast series

Welcome to the Wimmera CMA farming for soil health podcast series, where we chat to Wimmera farmers about the tactics they use to improve soil health. 1. Jodie Greene on farming in the upper catchment...

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